How to Mend Global Warming

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: How to Mend Global Warming. Plants and animals provide man with many of his daily needs. Many of them provide him with his food. Most of the other amenities of modern life too are provided for by nature. Clothing and shelter require natural elements that may be from species that are endangered or from those that live in conditions that are spoiled daily due to global warming. The medicines that are consumed by man are always from elements that are found in nature, living or non-living. Many of these elements shall not be found in their natural states if global warming is not checked right now. The importance of the extinction of species and the degeneration of nature due to global warming thus cannot be taken lightly. It poses great risks to the health of mankind as a result of the increased number of days in which the heat is greater than earlier averages. It poses greater risks to children and the elderly, sections which are more vulnerable to any kind of climate change (Climate Change Threatens Health).

The changes in temperature that are caused due to climate change mean that they affect the growth of the algae in the oceans and the seas as well. The algae are the most important components of the food chain of the sea. They provide food for the larger animals that are a part of the ocean. Since the growth of the primary link of the food chain is stunted, the growth of the other animals shall also be stunted. This would then result in a disastrous disruption of the ecosystems that operate within the ecosystem. The oceans help in sustaining the activities of many other ecosystems that are not necessarily present in water. As a result of this, any change in the activities that take place in the water bodies of the earth would prove disastrous for all the inhabitants on it (Global Warming).

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The changes that have been sought to be implemented for the solution of global warming are those that operate at the level of diplomacy and politics. Most of these solutions have been discussed and laws have been sought to be passed against the activities that lead to the phenomenon of global warming.

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