How to Bike Like a Local in Copenhagen

Write 6 pages with APA style on How to Bike Like a Local in Copenhagen. For the purpose of understanding, the article is put under the section of “Beyond the Guidebook: Where locals go” This section is prominently filled with local writers from their specified region and countries who give deep insight about their culture and the way things happen in their countries. It is then a more precise updating guidebook than a hard copy of a book. Beyond the Guidebook by its name tries to work within the locally crafted culture of a country, for the instance of this article Copenhagen’s biking culture, and tried to help towards conformity under that culture.

This specific piece that can be now found on the National Geographic website was first published in the November 2013 issue of the Traveler magazine. She is an American traveling writer who has been published around almost all the traveling websites and magazines around the U.S. Through her deep outlook towards being open to different cultures, she tries to portray her practices into helping other likeminded people out in terms of when they are traveling to different places. Although by the first sight of it, a person seems to be much caught by the topic after reading the whole article, it talks very briefly about bikes and is divided amongst spending a day around Copenhagen. It covers topics such as where to eat, what to see, where to do photography etc.

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How to Bike Like a Local in Copenhagen
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Throughout the length of the article, there are different pictures that are directly intact with the headings of the articles. Giving a complete picture of what a person can expect during a travelling to Copenhagen. It constitutes of a few selected pictures in which the main idea of Cyclist is emphasized through the depiction of cyclists standing by the traffic signals and cycling over their designated area. The pictures try to directly link the reader towards what was present in the pictures in Copenhagen.&nbsp.

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