How the Auditory Perceived Characteristics of Voice Disturbances.

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: How the Auditory Perceived Characteristics of Voice Disturbances. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In this condition, he/she has good interpretations of the transmitting information from the sounds through the brain. In contrast to the impaired hearing disorder patients, it is conversely impacted to the system. They don’t have the ability to identify correct information and noise from the sounds. Auditory neuropathy refers to the hearing loss of the individual (Doyle KJ, 1998). Hearing loss caused several factors such as absent or loss of outer hair cell, an abnormal response of auditory to the sounds, and last loss of pure tone. Hearing impairments, by behavioral and psychological testing, were somewhat compatible with the auditory portion in cranial nerve.

Speech-language disease or voice disturbances in Parkinson’s disease and spastic dysphonia are also impacted by good communication structures. The voice disease in these two different cases influenced quality spoken words. Patients with this kind of disease, their speech-language caused trouble for listeners to understand their spoken words. There are rare cases which have enough capability to hear the words clearly but most often big problems in speaking abilities. Voice characteristics in Parkinson’s disease are low in volume or whispering-like structures, or expressionless that worsened to the impaired hearing person to understand the words. Spastic dysphonia, on the other hand, the voice is characterized by breathiness like hoarseness, or rough. It is also is known as slang, blurred, or tangled voice. These disabilities always have the problem in speech-language quality although very rarely small numbers of them have an ability to communicate and understand spoken words clearly even in mild cases.

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How the Auditory Perceived Characteristics of Voice Disturbances.
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In orders to understand people with impaired hearing loss, they possessed severe repetitions of words. they have difficulties in listening, and poor condition of memory. Somewhat they have an ability to speak words clearly although in very unusual ways i.e. high in volume. Above all, in other theorem scientist believes that the hearing loss might connect to abnormal neuromuscular movements from the brain. Since neuron is responsible for the movement control in the body. It is also neuron whose secretes dopamine-producing cells in the brain caused Parkinson’s disease born. Hence, Parkinson’s disease and spastic dysphonia are from brain functions. Until this time, the main caused of these two diseases are still a medical mystery. Although with the help of some successful scientific research and advanced technology we can namely pinpointing few effective treatments. Until this time, there is not enough scientific evidence can explain and proof that all of these are biologically helpful to cure the disease without any harmful side effects in other parts of the body.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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