How rutgers education will help me become a neurosurgeon Paper

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on how rutgers education will help me become a neurosurgeon Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! 4 November How Rutgers education will help me become a neurosurgeon Passing the MCAT is my most important short-term objective and I had to select an institution whose environment guarantees my success in the cat as well as my long-term academic plans. This influenced my choice to prepare for the examination at the Rutgers University instead of other institutions, including Rutgers Medical School.

The institution will prepare me for the MCAT by teaching me testable concepts and offering me an environment and resources for research on the concepts. The bio department of the institution has a faculty, academic facilities, and physical environment that informed my rationale in selecting Rutgers as the best institution to prepare me for the MCAT. A friend, who is a continuing student, at the institution offered it as her preferred option and my research, both primary and secondary, confirmed to me reasons behind her preference. The department has a group of academicians who are also experienced in preparing students for examinations and careers. Their record is evident, as the institution is among the most recognized academic institutions in the nation, and this convinces me that I shall benefit from the competent faculty’s lectures. Lecturers are also available for consultation. Consequently, I am convinced that I shall receive the best preparation for my examinations.

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The department also has well-equipped and modern facilities that will aid my preparations and motivate me to success. Being introduced to the facilities convinced me that this is the best institution for pursuing my long term dream of being a neurosurgeon, a factor that also motivated me to undertake my MCAT preparations here for a better chance to secure an opportunity for medical training at the institution. In addition, the institution has a captivating environment, with both biotic and abiotic factors, that is also free from air pollution such as noise, dust, and chemical pollutions. The level of diversity in the department and the entire university will also support my preparations for the MCAT. In addition to the biomedical department, other departments exist, establishing diversity on academic grounds, to facilitate social relationships that are also healthy for academic success.

Even though Rutgers Medical School appears to be more specialized than Rutgers University is, organization of Rutgers University into specialized departments undermines this and the University, unlike the medical school, has specialized services that guarantees learning. Rutgers University has a specialized security system with trained personnel and security toll lines and therefore ensures safety. Interruption of study due to physical injury or lost property from attacks within the institution is therefore mitigated. The university also offers scholarship opportunities for needy students and even though I may not need such a scholarship now, future is full of uncertainties and the university covers these. I therefore have greater chances of completing my test preparation and even my neurosurgery course at the institution that at any the medical school, should any financial calamity befall me, because such guarantees do not however exist in the medical school (Rutgers 1. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School 1).

Comparative analysis of institutions’ environments and services informed the choice to undertake my preparations at the university. The university will prepare for the MCAT through teaching me and offering me a good study environment. These, together with my intention to pursue my neurosurgeon course at the university are also motivational factors. In addition to its ability to prepare me for the MCAT, the university’s security system and its scholarship offers guarantees safety from security and economic threat completing a program.

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