How Does the Brain Work. 

 This video is one of the many that explore the mystery of information processing by the brain. Despite being an organ that can be held in the hand’s palm, it is the most complex organ with about 100 billion nerve cells or neurons that constantly interact with each other. From Nova scienceNOW (n.p), the operation of the brain is comparable to magic, control and magic mind. Nova scienceNOW defines the brain as being dependent on a single stimulus in order to make its decisions. A single stimulus is determined by the brain evaluating the activity resulting from numerous neurons.

Even though the focusing of the human eye may appear to be so simple, magic reveals that people take reality for granted which is why they fail to realize the difference between what seems to be and what is. Consequently, the brain does use simple algorithms to quickly construct a picture of the reality. Since the human brain does not see everything around it and the fact that the entire world around the human brain is full of stimuli, relativity is used to construct pictures of how things are like. Consequently, the humans tend to use very little stimulus to create an image and hence making us notice the stuff to which our attention has been drawn. As a result we are distracted by the new point of focus only to end being oblivious of the obvious changes around us.

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How Does the Brain Work. 
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From watching the clip, I understood that the brain works well in its function to respond to stimuli. However, since the world around us is too big. the brain can hardly perceive everything that is going on around us. On the contrary, the brain responds to the most neurons that respond to one stimulus and then makes creates the picture of how things are. As result, the human brain is easily distracted from obvious things around us.

Works cited

How does the brain work? Dir. Micahel Bicks, David Eagleman, Sarah Holt, Terri Randall and Joshua Seftel. PBS video, 2009. Film.

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