How Can RyanAir maintain its dominance in the European low-cost airline market.

The use of secondary research methodology in the research confers some distinct advantages for which it is extensively preferred. Firstly with the development of internet communication the secondary research activity has become easier in terms of gaining access to large amount of data within a much lesser time period. Secondly the use of secondary research activity also helps in reducing the level of research cost as the researcher does not have to depend on market or field research. Thirdly the use of secondary research serves as a background for conducting effective primary research activity. The researcher armed with potential information can test the practical aspect through conducting a survey based research. Fourthly the use of secondary research generates authentic information gained through the study of potential literatures written by eminent authors. Al these aspects reflect the effectiveness for depending on secondary research in conducting a research activity (McDaniel, & Gates, 1998, p.90). Apart from conducting the research based on secondary data sources primary or survey based research is also conducted. Primary or survey based research is conducted through the construction of questionnaires which would be used over a particular sample size of 200 respondents. The use of primary research activity helps in gaining focus over a particular focus group to retrieve answer to a specific research question. This methodology is considered to be pragmatic in that it helps in generating current and more feasible information pertaining to external marketing conditions. Moreover through the use of primary research the researcher can gain access to large number of views in regards to the research query. However the process of primary research entails an increase of research expenditure for employing people to conduct the research survey. Still primary research activity is considered more effective for it potentially endeavours to reflect on the marketing conditions (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2008, p.246). Further the use of statistical operations is encouraged in regards to the research conducted for it helps in depicting the figurative aspects of the information gained through the interviews made. Statistical operations made in the form generating charts and diagrams make the research more practical as one can gain a complete understanding of the views gained and thereby helps in making an effective analysis. Statistical based research enhances the effectiveness of the research activity for it generates large amount of quantitative data and thereby enhances the understand ability of the research (Nunan, 1992, p.8). 1.2. Population and Sample Size The main focus of the research activity understands RyanAir’s dominance in the markets of Europe. Thus focus must be rendered over European based customers pertaining to various demographic sets like income, age and occupation patterns.

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How Can RyanAir maintain its dominance in the European low-cost airline market.
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