How Authorities Come to Have so Much Power

Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: How Authorities Come to Have so Much Power That, They Can Convince to Kill People. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The human rights activists present weighty sentiments over the subject and the role of the perpetrators in creating the motifs for the killings. The worst is when the killing involves masses of populations. Killing masses of the population, whether peacefully through cognitive means or through violence is surely an unjustifiable act. Understanding the subject of the events of genocide in Rwanda and the Holocaust, as well as other experimentations such as the trial of Adolf Eichmann presents an evidential basis for the case. In thesis, those perpetrating the killings ought to possess a relatively high degree of control over the psychology of those who conduct the actual killing.

The term describing the violent crimes committed against a given group with the intent to eliminate their existence did not exist until 1944. The human rights advocates then, after the Polish-Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin described the Nazi policies incorporating the factors of systemic murder and the destruction of the Jews coined the word. After this establishment, human rights took the campaign and established the word accordingly. In essence, the factor of the genocide as a massive killing of people, with the intent of eliminating their existence, constitutes various causes (MacDonald 43).

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How Authorities Come to Have so Much Power
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The causes of genocide originate deep within the confines of the groups involved. There are always politics involved in the case, with remarkably influential leadership in place to encourage, plan, and perpetuate the killing. In its convergence, genocide entails the entire acts of intent seeking the destruction of a part of an entire national, ethnic, or racial group among other such groups. It incorporates aspects of inflicting actions and conditions that kill the people, bring physical harm and mental and bodily harm to those members of the group. In history, several such happenings that incorporate violence targeted at groups took place. Some occurred before while others occurred after the concept of the term took place

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