Hotel& Restaurant Food Allergy Questions.

Others include allergens associated with fish and fish products. The allergy protocol also takes into consideration the possible allergens that may result from nut products as well as sesame seed products and sulphites.

The most common allergies vary in degree of their severity. There are quite a number of customers who have reported experiencing some mild upsets. It is only in isolated cases that a customer has reported experiencing a severe anaphylactic reaction.

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Hotel& Restaurant Food Allergy Questions.
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Our staffs are trained on how to handle patients who are allergic to different types of foods. For that matter, most of our packaged products are accompanied by a list of allergens that are likely to be contained within the packaged food products. The staff members are also candid in suggesting to our clients several types of foods that are allergen-free as well as those that have minimal allergen concentrations.

The menu contains an accompanying column that identifies the foods that contain allergens as well as their levels. The customers are easily able to identify the foods that contain no traces of allergens in them. Some clients are also specific in liaising with the chief chefs to prepare food rations that are allergen-free depending on their preferences. Such orders are prepared within short periods of time to satisfy client requirements.

As part of our safety food program, there are specific sets of kitchenware that have been specifically designed to prepare any special orders. This has been the company policy for quite a long time. With the high rate of return and regular customers, it has become a norm to prepare their food rations with special utensils.

At the first instance of accommodation into the restaurant, guests are advised to notate their food allergy concerns at the time that they make their bookings. The customers are advised to liaise with the chief chef as well as the manager on duty. 

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