Hospital pharmacy.

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 Hospital pharmacy.

Pharmacy Placement Report The hospital consisted of two categories of patients. The categories are inpatient and outpatient. Most services offered in the hospital are meant for inpatients. The hospital is spacious enough and consists of four floors. The sections of the hospital are well distributed among the floors in a manner that maximizes service provision (Stephens, 2003). I observed that hospital pharmacy never had cosmetic and gift section. Community pharmacy had a close relationship with clients. On the other hand, hospital pharmacy deals with clients professionally and not considering personal relationship. The hospital pharmacy is best suited for inpatients because it has the necessary facilities for the services.

 Hospital pharmacy.
 Hospital pharmacy

Pharmacists are located at strategic points in the hospital. Every section had a pharmacy. The pharmacies are designed to have windows from where the pharmacists serve their clients. They provide medication through the windows. For special cases, there were rooms meant for handling patients I a specialized manner. Drugs are mainly supplied to patients through pharmacists.

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 Hospital pharmacy.
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Other people authorized to supply drugs are nurses (Stephens, 2003). They usually provide medication orally to patients. However, nurses have limited types of drugs that they can supply. For example, nurses are not allowed to supply antibiotics. Nurses are always in contact with patients and, therefore, are allowed to orally administer drugs to patients. That implies that, there are special cupboards for keeping drugs to be used by patients.

Pharmacists must carefully handle drugs in the hospitals. Since they are delicate, they are kept at optimum conditions. The conditions at which pharmacists keep the drugs depends on the chemical structure o the drug. Most drugs are stored at room temperatures. The storage systems are well equipped such that any deviation from the required condition is noticeable through an alarm ring and immediately rectified.

There are technicians who monitor the conditions of the equipment used to keep drugs. The pharmacy departments offer a variety of clinical services. The pharmacists examine every patient and offer the appropriate medication, provide information used by different professionals in the hospital, and supply chemotherapy among other services.

They also consider the medication history of the patient before offering any form o medication (Stephens, 2003). The pharmacies practice perfectly practice medication safety. There are special cupboards that are only accessible by the specific pharmacists. Furthermore, the pharmacist put on safety ware such as masks, gowns, and caps to ensure that they are safe.

 Hospital pharmacy.
Shot of a focused mature male pharmacist making notes of the medication stock on the shelves in a pharmacy

Visiting the pharmacies gave a good experience of the profession. I learnt that pharmacists are competent and qualified to perform their roles. I got the opportunity to learn that there are inflammable substances in a pharmacy. The substances require safe handling. I learnt of the existence of a special section of a pharmacy, cytotoxic, which only authorized persons can access. Hospital pharmacies are more equipped than community pharmacies (Stephens, 2003). In fact, hospital pharmacies deal in a more professional manner than community pharmacies. Hospital pharmacies employees are highly qualified personnel.

Community pharmacies offer customer oriented services than hospital pharmacies. In community pharmacies, drugs are delivered directly to patients. In hospital pharmacies, delivery of drugs is in wards. Community pharmacies are more caring than hospital pharmacies. Community pharmacies have cosmetic and gift sections. Hospital pharmacies are not involved in any other form of interaction with patients and only have the medication section.

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