Hookah Smoking.

Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Hookah Smoking. Hookah smoking is a developing behaviour among many people in their youths. The appearance and its perceptions make it look safe. Scientific research on narcotics proves that the drug is just as bad as cigarettes are. The drug could lead to lung damages, which is dangerous for peoples life.

Because of ignorance, society has accepted hookah smoking. Other drugs have a negative perception because the side effects are imminent. there is a raised awareness on the effects of being under the influence of cigarettes. In addition, the difference in methods of consuming hookah and cigarettes makes it difficult for one to establish a direct relationship (Nauert). The structure of consuming hookah tends to make the user think that it is purified.

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Hookah Smoking.
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This positive perception contributes to the spread of diseases in society. It will create a health hazard. It will be only after people start suffering severely that the perception of hookah smoking would change. The youth perception is to blame for the increasing use of hookah.

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