Homer’s odysseus and dante’s ulysses.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic homer’s odysseus and dante’s ulysses. Dante comes to describe this journey in his Inferno, which narrates the journey through hell. Dante introduces a slight difference in his version by stating that Odysseus never returns to Ithaca, his home but decides to continue sailing, behaviour that Dante refers to as irresponsible on Dante’s part.

Comparative analysis

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Homer’s odysseus and dante’s ulysses.
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Homer’s depiction of Odysseus in the Odyssey represents a typical mythology of ancient times. Odysseus who is also referred to as Ulysses in the Inferno by Dante gets firsthand experience of the Greek mythology throughout his voyage. In his journey, he encounters many people who belong to the gangland. His journey takes him through Achilles, Sisyphus, and Agamemnon. This man goes through hell and survives. This qualifies him as part of mythology in a bigger way since he believes that the ultimate respect for a man comes from his conquest of the world and undergoing the Kleos. Odysseus is a member of the real world and occupies higher status, which he demonstrates by entering Hades. All these are views that Homer holds of Odysseus. Dante however, dismisses the views that characterize Odysseus as a hero. Whereas Homer claims that Odysseus and his men returned home to Ithaca, Dante narrates in his poem that together with his men, Odysseus runs into a whirlpool that sucks them in his effort to complete one voyage that remains ahead once he gets home as mentioned by Homer (Bittlestone, Diggle, and Underhill 23). Therefore, he does not ever return to Ithaca. In his Odyssey, Homer does not explain the purpose of what he mentions that Odysseus had one more voyage to make after arriving at home. Dante on his part shows that Odysseus wanted to demonstrate to his warriors who also referred to as his men the most violent warriors worship gods and goddesses of the land instead of a true God. This forms the basis of controversies raised by Dante and Homer. Dante considers people who lived during the times of Homer as pagans. He uses this argument to disprove the reference to Odysseus as being heroic and having a larger than life status in the society. Dante analyses the Kleos motions explained by Homer and disputes them as form of getting glory. It is worth noting that Kleos is a process that people who bring glory to the community are given honour. It is during this process that Odysseus wanted to show to other people that he blindfolded Polyphemus. Dante dismisses this cultural ceremony and instead prefers that people should seek individual spirituality so that they rise to heaven. He fights for restoration of the glory of God among people. According to him, people such as Odysseus are pagans and people should stop glorifying them as heroes. Dante is against these people and portrays them as them as being superstitious and violent. He demystifies mythology that was upheld by Homer yet in the process he develops his new form of mythology albeit unconsciously. Dante uses different ways to drive his single message of serving God and glorifying his name to get to heaven. People who do not worship and glorify God such as Homer and Odysseus will not go to heaven but to hell. Life is journey and both Dante and Homer agree on this as they explain that Odysseus was on a journey. However, though Homer shows that Odysseus and his men returned home to a sumptuous reception when Odysseus goes through the Kleos to his glorification for conjuring the world, Dante refutes this assertion (Bittlestone, Diggle, and Underhill 41). In his account, he demonstrates that Odysseus and his warriors never got back to Ithaca because they proceeded to go see how gods and goddesses were worship only to encounter the whirlpool that swept them.

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