Homeless Veterans.

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Homeless Veterans. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In the above brief analysis, Cunningham & Lyons give some insight into the degree of homelessness among war veterans. This article shows that at any given time and day, there is a major overrepresentation of veterans amongst the homeless individuals. The article further suggests that a third of mature homeless males are veterans. Additionally, this investigative article indicates that ¼ of all homeless persons or about forty-four to sixty-six thousand veterans are constantly homeless. The authors give the implication that veterans correspond to about 10.5% of all adults among the homeless individuals’ population. This figure largely accounts for all homeless people including those found in the shelters and transitional houses. Another crucial social aspect put forth by this article is that most of the veterans are not married. making them socially isolated and hence at great risk of being homeless. This is a comprehensive study that seeks to provide insight into the level of homelessness for veterans. It also provides the necessary evidence to support the fact that most homeless veterans are not in the transitional programs, provided by the government thus proposing correction measures.

Blue-Howells, Jessica, McGuire, Jim, and Nakashima, John. Co-location of health care services for homeless veterans: a case study of innovation in program implementation. Social Work in Health Care, 47.3(2008): 219-231. Print.

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The case study is based on the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare Systems (VAGLAHS). The article proposes a comprehensive approach on how to improve the care of services for homeless ex-servicemen. The establishment of a same-day, co-located service of mental healthcare, in addition, to support for the homeless, are some of the potential solutions emphasized upon by the authors. This article is, therefore, instrumental in determining the most effective and practical solutions aimed at helping homeless veterans.

This article largely focuses on examining the current healthcare measures for veterans and why these services occasionally fail to help the targeted persons. The article also emphasizes the significance of identifying potential financial support sources and other supporting frameworks, necessary for designing or executing Housing programs for homeless veterans. The research described in this article was done in Los Angeles County. The study had extensive literature, which was examined in the effort to establish the scope of the prevalent homelessness issue in LA and the effectiveness of a certain housing model.

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