Homeland Security- Emergency Management

INSTRUCTIONSAs a part of the capstone problem/ solution project you will be working on throughout the duration of your graduate Homeland Security- Emergency Management experience at Rosemont College, you are addressing an issue within the discipline that affects your jurisdiction or career path. Within this issue of interest, you will write an 8-10-page paper that clearly identifies your issue, and discusses the constitutional, ethical, and moral dilemmas that affect your potential policy and solution that addresses the issue. Discuss how your approach clearly addresses any potential conflicts in human security, and ensures the maintenance of human rights and civil liberties. Please reference and use my instructor feedback to make a clear and great paper. I have uploaded the Research proposal. This order reflects the proposal for this research paper, but my instructor did not like it, and instead he gave some feedback to help assist with this final research paper. Even if you have to change the topic, or just make the adjustments to make a nice paper, and satisfy my instructor.DELIVERABLES:The paper should in APA format, be 8-10 pages in length, not including the title (cover) page and reference page, with a minimum of 8 references, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1” inch margins.My instructor Feedback is Below:Although I don’t think you stated it, after reading your proposal it seems that the central issue is that the State / City Authorities are reluctant to declare a State of Emergency in a timely manner. And without that declared State of Emergency, Police Departments, Emergency Services and first responders are limited in the preparations and actions they can take. I am not sure that I see a connection between that frustration and Human Rights / Social Justice. Could you help me see the connection?I am guessing that is a problem in your work life, and I think it is very appropriate to use real-life problems as a theme for your final paper.In your proposal for your Course paper, you were discussing your frustration with the fact that public officials did not declare the State of Emergency when you believed it was necessary.My comment was that I didn’t see the link between that and Human Rights / Social Justice.Seems to me that you can probably establish a link, based on the fact that criminals are always trying to take advantage of any situation, including natural disasters such as hurricanes or major storms.When the State or City officials declare an emergency I think that might accomplish two things:First: Provide the police with some additional authorities (you have to fill in the blanks for me)Second: Put the criminal class on notice that any criminal behavior will be responded to quickly.And together those will probably go a long way to helping “keep the peace”.Many of our Social Justice Warriors are hostile to Law Enforcement or any Authority Figures. So the challenge is to have the necessary authorities to maintain order when the local situation is being dramatically effected by some unusual circumstance.There may be other approaches to this issue… but I can see this link between your concern and HR/SJ

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Homeland Security- Emergency Management
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