Homeland Security

In most cases, it is a human attempt to welcome the immigrants across borders and give them a place to call home. In most cases, some immigrants flee from their countries to due to war, anger and hostility. Therefore, they do not have any ill intention while crossing the borders other than to seek help and refuge. However, in as much as a country would like to help immigrants crossing borders from their country to a new country, there are serious issues that they must take control of. Of the issues is the security issue. Sometimes, immigrants are not those good people you expected to be. In the case whereby the immigrants have some unfinished business with the host nation, they might come and cause insecurity in the host nation. They come expecting to kill and perform acts of terrorism. In such cases, illegal immigration should be made a priority in dealing with a countrys security. Sometimes, when the illegal immigrants are running away from their country because of certain contagious and infectious diseases, they will pose the host country at a risk of spreading the diseases. This will not auger well with the welfare of this country (Peter, 2000).

Question 2

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Homeland Security
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The enemy is that person who comes illegally into another country with the intention of doing some arm there. The enemy might come to conduct illegal business, cause insecurity or cause war. We are, therefore, supposed to protect our borders from such illegal immigrants who come in the form of an enemy. Through protecting our borders, we will be able to control spread of diseases, prevent illegal trade, prevent human trafficking and other illegal activities that immigrants might want to perform in the new country. A terrorist is one of the enemies that were protecting our boarders from. Therefore, being an enemy cannot be categorized as being more than terrorism since all cause us harm as a country. Terrorism, therefore, causes destruction just the same way enemies can cause destruction (David, 2008).

Question 3

Border enforcement enhances health concerns. This is to say, when we take good care of our boarders, we can prevent transmission and spread of some transnational diseases, hence making a country remain safe from such kind of diseases. Therefore, it is important to improve border enforcement in order to improve public health and safety concerns (Marc, Jerome, & Kristin, 2013).


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