Home automation provide for the aged Paper 

This helps in alerting the wardens of unfortunate occurrences such as when the elderly people fall down in the absence of any warden. The wardens are expected to respond to the buzzing sound with immediate effect.

These technologies have been clearly effective and helpful in making the lives of elderly people living in care homes aresafer and more interesting. Internet allows the elderly to connect with the outside world. Through such a technology, they can be able to get some enlightenment on what is going on past the walls. They can also be able to keep up with their passions. the things they used to love while still younger. With the buzzers, it is clearly evident that they can be helpful in making sure that there are no preventable deaths or accidents taking place in these homes. The wardens cannot be able to personally attend to all the elderly people in the care home round the clock (Meduse, Governance, Health And Medicine 2008, p. 121). This is even emphasized by the fact that some of the elderly people will also love to enjoy their own privacy at some time. This technology enables wardens to be there when they are needed.

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Home automation provide for the aged Paper 
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There are a number of diet problems that are common with the elderly. At the late stage of the lives of human beings, their bodies tend to need more of nutrients such as: Calcium and vitamin D for bone health. fibre to stay regular. healthy fats to lower chances of heart disease, potassium for blood pressure and to avoid fatigue and depression. and vitamin b12 for energy and brain function. For the elderly people weight is always a very big determinant of their diet. They should be neither overweight nor underweight. Due to low rates of metabolism and lack of physical activities older people are at the risk of being obese. In the other hand some of them might suffer from lack of appetite thus limiting the amount of food they consume.

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