Holocaust Theology.

Holocaust Theology. Thus, if one reads the text by Berenbaum, one will be able to see the general picture of the time. Indeed, the Nazi Germany was a young state that desperately needed recognition of its is new ways. At first it seized the power legally when Adolf Hitler was appointed a Chancellor. However, in the course of a series of attacks on the opponents, the NSDAP became the only real power in the country. There could be no resistance to them as otherwise people will be eliminated. It is quite understandable that under such conditions the Germans who knew about the final solution could not express their views freely as they were afraid for their life as well. Berenbaum was one of the researchers who tried to draw a connection between Christianity and the mass killings that took place. He noted that the Nazi acted in the Christian social environment and, therefore, had to align their actions with the dominating moral framework. Keeping in mind the scope of the Holocaust, one might suggest that they succeeded in doing so.

Some scholars, like Heinsohn, put emphasis on a different aspect of Holocaust. He argues that the modern people are simply not able to understand the event that took place in the middle of the previous century: our contemporaries live in a completely different set of conditions. Indeed, the citizens of the Nazi Germany faced other problems. The government thought that the best way to ensure the survival of their state is to perform the following steps: get rid of the weak that hold the state back. re-conquer the territories to gain more space for the growing population. get rid of the Jewish principles that largely guided the development of the German society.

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Holocaust Theology.
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