Holocaust Survivor. 

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Holocaust Survivor. Reaction Essay al Affiliation Reaction Essay Compare this memorial with those established more recently for the Roma/Sinti(Gypsies) and the Lesbians/gays. They are also found in Berlin but are on a much more modest scale. You’ll need to check the internet for the information on them. Is it a good idea to have separate memorials for each group or should there have been just one for all affected groups?

I strongly believe that memorials for distinct groups of people should be erected uniquely and separately since these are commemorations of the challenges experienced by those who died or suffered death for a defined cause. The Holocaust Memorial is therefore symbolic of the murdered Jews that is why it was aptly named “Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe” (Michael Blackwood Productions, Inc., n.d., par. 2).

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2- Do you think the “Ort” (underground place of information) was a good idea? Why, why not?

I think that the ‘ort’ was a good idea to provide visitors and guests with the crucial information relating to the museum. This is necessary especially for people in future generations who could not have been appropriately informed of the historical events that transpired during this time.

3- Officially, the memorial is for the “murdered Jews of Europe”. Technically, wouldn’t that exclude concentration camps Jews who died of old age or disease? What would be a better title?

I still believe that the title is the most appropriate one given that even those who died of old age or disease in concentration camps also fall within this category. since they would not have been forced to be in these camps in the first place if the intention were not to murder them. Their dying of old age or of disease were just a matter of consequence.

4- Why do we have a Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. but no national monument for the victims of slavery and genocide in this country (US)?

I think that having a Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. is also a symbolic

affirmation that people of the United States detest what had happened during the holocaust. Likewise, there is a need to commemorate the Jews who died and might have relatives who died during this time to manifest unity in remembering them. No national monument for the victims of slavery and genocide were erected in this country because it would not befit to show to the world that these discriminatory events and violations of human rights were actually perpetuated by people from this country.

5- What do you make of Emmaly Reed, the self-proclaimed Dachau Holocaust survivor?

From the documentary video of Emmaly Reed, the viewers are given the prerogative to either believe what she is narrating or to dismiss this as virtually unsubstantiated (Cantrell, n.d. ). One could believe her given that there were other victims who relayed similar incidences and stories of harm that were apparently inflicted. On the contrary, given that she must have been two or three years old at that time, the events could not have been possibly remembered. Likewise, with the narration that she could have been subjected to various torture (hammering of nail on her skull or hanging and poisoning), given her age, it was really a miracle that she survived.


Cantrell, K. (n.d. ). Emmaly Reed, Holocaust Survivor. Retrieved from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXwRcsVO5TY

Michael Blackwood Productions, Inc. (n.d.). Peter Eisenman. Retrieved from michaelblackwoodproductions.com: http://www.michaelblackwoodproductions.com/archm_eisenman2.

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