history of race in science Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on history of race in science Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Mankind was classified in various natural varieties and through this classification. the professor was able to base his classification of races into five categories. The identified categories were Caucasian race, Mongolian race, Malayan race, American race, and Ethiopian race (Higgins 1995, p.62). The use of race in science was helpful in the study of general genetics and health, rights of reproduction, and even in the study of anthropology (Harris 2001, p.84). Research methods and research ethics The study of research methods and ethics is vital in the various projects, which require the researcher to draw research conclusions and findings. The use of research ethics equips the researcher with the numerous procedures and policies that will ensure the safety and the quality of the research outcomes. Ethics will also tend to redirect the researchers to shun from the various irresponsible and unaccepted presentation of the various research ideas as in the case of race science (Asseo et al 1997, p.201). This is because avoiding such practices will results into many questions for the researcher and the area of the research. A research is always considered as a public area of concern that should always have trustable conclusions and findings. Having mastered the policies of research ethics, the researcher is therefore, required to employ various techniques of collecting and formulating the research data. These techniques of formulation and collection of research data are called research methods. Proper application of research methods results into trustable research findings and conclusions. The research methods involve the various methodology and literature review that the researcher will employ in determination of the goals and objectives of the research. Lessons that can be withdrawn from history of race in science and research methods and ethics One of the lessons that can be learnt is that the applications of research methods and research ethics should follow some earlier development of issues related to the currently issue which is researched upon. Early developments in race in science were later expounded by Professor Johann from Germany in his classifications of the five human races. The early developments by Carolus Linnaeus acted as enlightenment in the development of human theories, which were later used to study the differences in human races (Barkan 1992, p.65). Apart from Linnaeus Carolus, some of early thinkers who also contributed to history of race in science were Voltaire, Charles Darwin, and David Hume. The early research works became the basis upon which the modern researches were based on. The second lesson that can be learnt is that the application of research methods and ethics should take a given structure to realize the objectives and goals of the research. Like in the case of history of race in science, the early researchers such as the taxonomists would take the race in science study in biological structure. They could study various variations in biological structure and relate that to the study of races. The taxonomists could use any familiar thing that was related to human race to study the various biological variations and the familiar things which were in use were beliefs, values, and attitudes found in different places of the world such as North America and other parts of Europe (Kurtz 2004, p.65).

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history of race in science Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
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