History of architecture

 There are many reasons why did Cosimo de’ Medici objected to Brunelleschi’s design for his palazzo. These include the following: Medici’s background showed that they were not parvenus and they were not an ancient family either and this shaped his life principles

He chose to be a humanist and to remain out of the public eye. He wanted to lead a simply life that would not attract the attention of many people unlike other lavish lifestyles displayed by people who came from rich families.

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History of architecture
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As such, Brunelleschi’s plan and wooden model appeared too splendid to him and that is the reason why he tactfully rejected them. These were too elegant to him and the kind of lifestyle he had chosen, he could not shift his position from simplicity to elegance overnight

He liked buildings that were not so emphatic and this is the reason why he opted for a simple design for his palazzo, a move which angered Brunelleschi to the extent that he smashed his modest model into a thousand pieces.

In other words, Cosimo prioritized simplicity instead of life characterized by opulence and elegance like what is often displayed by many people who come from rich and affluent families.

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