History of Ancient Greece and Its Historic Reformation.

 History of Ancient Greece and Its Historic Reformation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The history of the country starts from the Stone Age. Minoan and Mycenaean kings also have contributed significantly to the history of the country. This paper will try to enlighten the history of ancient Greece and its historic reformation.

The ancient Classical and Hellenistic periods of Greece are without any shadow of a doubt the most splendid eras the world has ever come across. Those periods left behind lots of ideas, art and concepts. The history of ancient Greece is popularly known as the building blocks of western civilization. Before the 8th century BC, the country was submerged in the dark era. In the 8th century, the country started to come out of the Dark Ages. It was introduced by the fall of the Mycenaean civilization. During that period the country replaced the Mycenaean script with Greek alphabet1. Archaic period of Greece witnessed the Lelantine War which was the oldest documented war as far as Ancient Greece is concerned. This period was almost three century before than the time of classical age. During the Archaic period, the country advanced a lot as far as the art, poetry and technology were concerned. After the Archaic period, the next period is popularly known as the Classical Period. This period lasted for almost 200 years. The period has undergone lots of annexations by the Persian Empire. Different political thoughts, architectures, philosophy, and scientific thoughts are the results of this era only. The Hellenistic period of Greece is significantly marked due to the presence of Alexander the Great. Alexander III was famously known as Alexander the Great2. He was one of the most military geniuses that the world has ever produced. This Macedonia based military genius taught the whole Greek people about the modern war fare. Like the other Greek people, the genius was highly inspired by divine ambition.

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