Historical Materialism and Liberal Approaches to Globalization.

Need help with my writing homework on Historical Materialism and Liberal Approaches to Globalization. Write a 3000 word paper answering; Each has its relative merits and drawbacks. With the passage of time, their relevance to the world also has changed. This is an attempt to compare the two in an impartial manner. We distinguish the two approaches by covering various aspects of this problem from both these standpoints.

Historical Materialism has its roots in Marxist theory, which states the entire world strives for economic change. Marx argued that “society must be analyzed from the structure of social relations and not from individual choices”1. Hence, every nation attempts to develop its domestic economy in order to provide an appropriate standard of living for its society. Political power is possible only if the entire country’s population is transformed economically.

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Historical Materialism and Liberal Approaches to Globalization.
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States seek the material wellbeing of their people. hence, economic factors mold the lives of the general public. This approach is historical in that it alters class structure by considering the divide between a prosperous north and impoverished south in the world system. Marxists believe slavery should be abolished to remove this unequal class structure. Other distinctions such as landowner and serf in terms of landholdings and Bourgeoisie and proletariat in terms of a capitalist structure should also be eliminated to create a classless society. Marxists stress economic change drives politics and focuses on the mode of production which is how human labor is utilized to produce what is required for survival.

Historical Materialism broadly divides the class structure into two sets of people viz. the Bourgeoisie who are capitalists who pump in capital to earn profits. The proletariats, on the other hand, are the workers who work to earn wages and thereby provide the capitalists their profits.

Historical Materialists are indebted to Antonio Gramsci for his contribution to the field. According to his theory of cultural hegemony, nations use culture to hold onto power in capitalist economies.&nbsp.

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