Hispanic American Diversity.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Hispanic American Diversity. In terms of percentage of the population, the Mexican Americans occupy the number one spot at a percentage of 66.9% they are more than four times higher in number than any other Hispanic groups living in the USA. Among the white Hispanics, they are the largest in the USA. If we consider the geographical concentration of Mexican Americans we will find that the majority of them residing in the Southwestern United States like California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada etc. The reasons of migration from Mexico to America are improving educational qualification, search for a more economic livelihood, and enjoying better social amenities or in other words attaining a better social status in terms of social status, securities and environment. Though Mexico still considers Spanish as their official language and till now several Mexicans living in the USA are monolingual (capable of reading, writing and speaking only Spanish), however, the majority of Mexican Americans are fluent in both Spanish and English. However, the current generation prefers nuclear family over joint one and they are also inclining towards family planning. Profoundly religious in nature, most Mexican-Americans are the strong believer in Roman Catholicism. Church enjoys a substantial part of their life and the churches are the fountain of hope, faith, and strength as well as the only way to attain afterlife enlightenment.&nbsp.

Puerto Ricans are the second largest Hispanic subgroup living in the United States. In terms of percentage, they occupy 8.6% of the total Hispanic population in the USA. The Puerto Ricans in America has a long historical legacy. Puerto Rica became a part of the USA owing to the expansion of America and on from 1917, Puerto Ricans became eligible for US citizenship. A higher wage in US soil initiated a pulled migration from Puerto Rica and many people from there came to settle in the USA to join its labor force. The main destination for the Puerto Ricans in the USA was industrial regions of the country. At present many clusters of Puerto Ricans can be found in New York, Connecticut, Florida, and Illinois all of them are directly related with either industrial sector or service sector.

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