Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Resistor Manufacture and Optimization.

Write a 5 pages paper on transition from high school to college. Freedom management is among the factors for my embattlement with the transition from high school to college. Freedom is one of the main issues among other myriad other issues which is being under-looked when it comes to the students’ move from high school to college (Cass, 2011). When I joined college after spending four years in high school, I came to terms with the reality of freedom. One fundamental thing that I had to battle with in college was freedom management. Back in high school, I operated under stringent school rules and regulations. Freedom was a dream come true to me and so rules and code of conduct became part and parcel of my daily life. As a young boy in high school, I did not enjoy any freedom because my life was so restricted to the point where I had to be accountable to every school authority in any of my undertakings. For instance, I could not leave or get in school at any time during the school days. Whenever I wanted to go home, say for medication, I had to obtain a leave out chit or gate pass in order to for me to be allowed to go out and subsequently come in. However, when I joined college, I realized that I did not require any form of authorization whatsoever every time I wanted to go out of the college premises. In addition to that, meals were also restricted and I was expected to comply with the school menu at any time. This was regardless of whether I wanted to eat such food or I had no appetite for it. In contrast, I ate whatever my pocket was able so shoulder and this I did at my own discretion when I was in college. Other issues that need expedition in order to actuate smooth change from high school to college are discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Course relevance is one of the key things that I found missing in the high school curriculum. Applicability of courses to the general student body ought not to be ignored because when I transited to college, I needed to know how to write a resume and official correspondences and letters to various organizations and companies in preparation to the job market (Carroll & Relles, 1975). Unfortunately, most of these important aspects of practical education are never taught or emphasized in college since it is grossly assumed that they were covered in high school. I had to seek further guidance every time I was faced with a necessity to that effect.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Resistor Manufacture and Optimization.
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