Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on consumer buying decision Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on consumer buying decision Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Consumer Buying Decision: Ethel Consumer Buying Decision The buying decision process of Ethel’s consumers is characterized by a socially driven type of decisions for the purchase of chocolate. The history of chocolate illustrates its association with the elite in the society. The social aspect in making buying decisions by Ethel’s consumers is demonstrated by their need to achieve an upward mobility in the society. Thus the consumers at Ethel have a social belief that the chocolate would make them to be associated with the elite. The socially driven consumer decisions at Ethel is further revealed by the fact that the “Prices are not for everyone’s wallet” and yet they spend on the chocolate so that they would have social fulfillment. The decisions for purchase of chocolate at Ethel’s and the related social component are illustrated by the luxurious environment at the Ethel’s Lounges. This environment provides a conducive surrounding for social interaction of the consumers as they enjoy the chocolate. Moreover, the chocolate buying decisions of the consumers at Ethel’s are motivated by psychological driven decisions. The chocolates have been associated with fresh life as illustrated by the company’s sign on the company’s “attempt to breathe fresh life into chocolate”. The company’s sign is a psychological aspect to marketing which has attracted consumers and convinced them to make purchase decisions (Dostal, 2011). These decisions are based on the belief by the consumers that through Ethel’s chocolate there is renewal. This is the justification for the expenditure that the consumers engage in the purchase of the chocolates which are relatively expensive. Nonetheless, the psychosocial components of the consumer decisions are also affected by various factors which determine their decisions to make a purchase of chocolate at Ethel’s. Factors Affecting Purchase The innovativeness of Ethel in providing a serene and tranquil social environment for its consumers is one of the major factors which influence the decisions to spend money of Ethel’s chocolate. The company has focused at ensuring that the surprise which the consumers experience at Ethel is what they want and not unwanted surprise. The innovativeness and creativity at Ethel’s is revealed by comfortable and appropriately colored couches which are designed to give both a traditional and modern look. As a result, the company has convinced the consumers to make a decision of spending money at Ethel’s so that they would enjoy the chocolate while experiencing a classy feel. It is also through innovation that Ethel’s produces tasty chocolate. Ethel’s provides variety of chocolate unlike the mass produced kind of chocolate which did not target specific consumers. Both cold and hot chocolate beverages have been provided for the consumers. This is attributed to the decisions of the customers for extending their stay at Ethel’s Lounges which means that they are spending more money on the chocolate products. The quality of Ethel chocolate in terms of preparation and presentation in addition to the effective and efficient services are also factors which contribute to the decisions of the consumers to make purchases. Ethel’s chocolate and services are described as special because they are approachable. Even though the prices for Ethel’s chocolate are described as not for everyone, it is argued that the taste of good life which is achieved through the quality chocolate at Ethel is worth the money spent by the consumers. In this regard, quality of chocolate and services at Ethel’s is the motivation for the decisions of the consumers to make a purchase. Nonetheless the social environment which consumers are enabled to enjoy at Ethel’s Lounges is the major factor which determines the purchase decisions of the consumers. Consumers decide to spend their money so that they would enjoy the chocolate in a relaxing social environment. This is shown by Ethel’s promotional messages which describe it as “a place for chocolate and chitchat.” The justification for the social experience as the major factors for consumer purchase decision is further reveled by the fact that even calorie conscious consumers are attracted to Ethel’s because of the enabling social environment. The desire for the consumers to attain the best of services is parallel to the need to have a social driven chocolate experience at Ethel’s which shows that the social environment plays the central role in the consumers’ purchase decisions (Oberndorf 1998). Consumer Needs In the light of the above discussion, it is evident the social needs of the consumers are attributed to the appeal that the Ethel experience has within the chocolate market. This means that the consumer needs to attain social status and relating to the elite is achieved through the socialization process within the Ethel experience. Nonetheless, there are also psychological needs of the consumers which are achieved through the Ethel experience. The psychological needs include the belief that the chocolate experience at Ethel’s represents a renewal of life and psychological satisfaction. In this sense, it is conclusive that it the psychosocial needs of the consumers in addition to the high quality chocolate and services at Ethel’s plays significant roles in the purchase and consumption of chocolate at the Lounges of the chocolate business. References Dostal, E. (2011). Chocolate Heaven Thanks to Ethel M. McClatchy Tribune Business News, 1 Oberndorf, S. (1998). Ethel Ms Sweet Redesign. Catalog Age, 15.

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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on consumer buying decision Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
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