Here is a brief synopsis of the simulation regarding the hospital’s budget and dilemma:

· One 35-year-old cancer patient who needs significant time with the doctor, medical supplies, tests, and around the clock care. Cost: $135 million

· Emergency Room operations for daily care and treatment of about 100 people (around $365,000 a year). Cost: $155 million

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Here is a brief synopsis of the simulation regarding the hospital’s budget and dilemma:
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· Two senior patients who need hip replacement surgery. Cost: $50 million

· 10 patients (ranging in age from 18 to 45) receiving assistance in your inpatient drug/alcohol rehab unit. Cost: $100 million

· An MRI unit that is on the fritz and could die any day. Replacement cost: $170 million

· One of your two X-ray machines is inoperable and must be replaced. Cost: $40 million

· Ambulance drive-in area was damaged and needs to be repaired. Cost: $15 million

· Training needs for nursing staff for certification requirements. Cost: $35 million

· TOTAL: $700 million.

      For your Assignment, address the following below using the hospital’s      budget I have given you:

· You have $700 million in expenses and only $500 million to work with. How do allocate your resources?

· Who gets treated, who should wait, and why?

· What about your facilities?

· Determine what you plan to do and explain your reasoning as well as the ethical considerations behind your decision.

Your initial response must be 150 to 250 substantive words MINUS the accounting of your work.

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