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The plants use the released carbon dioxide along with water to produce carbohydrates during photosynthesis.” ( Hill, chapter 5)

Objective: It has to open up the opportunities for the ESOL to get the concept by using the ESOL strategies formulated. The basic concepts have to be clear and to use the language that is easily comprehendible.

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Helping ELL Families & Teacher Support.
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Joint attention: To bring in the attention of the students we can place the pot of growing plant on the desk. This would bring the curiosity in the minds of the students as what would be the topic for the day.

The word ‘energy’ can be a new vocabulary. So it would be a good idea to categorize this according to the level of learners. The energy can be explained by striking a striker with force and without force. This would be explained that to we apply force we need energy.

Imitation skills: By applying the thought process we take the pot of plant and pour water. We keep the plant to the side where the sunlight falls. This reflects on the plant and during the discussion the students would find that,

Explanation skills: Teacher provides the insight by explaining how the sun’s rays with the water produces the content called sugar. This would give energy to the plant and helps them to grow. The sugar is a simpler carbohydrate made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Water contains oxygen and hydrogen.

Beginning speaker: Show the list of food that we eat. The one with the content of carbohydrates like the potatoes, vegetables, corn, eggs and so forth. We can relate it with the energy that we get by eating. This provides the speaker the exact concept of carbohydrates.

By using realia techniques we can relate with the students of Ell’s, this can be, by taking them to the open place where we find trees or by showing the videos on photosynthesis process we can make the ESOL’s make the concepts clear.

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