Heath and Wealth

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The topics of both health and wealth may seem very different nature; however, there will always be a direct correlation between health and wealth. When we think of health we think of visiting the doctors or taking medicine; however, there is a lot more that goes into a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle involves a proper diet, good housing conditions, access to gyms, and access to healthy food. Now when we think of wealth, here we think of wealth simply as money in regard to health. Without wealth and money, it is nearly impossible to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle. That involves not only doctor’s visits but being able to afford healthy fresh groceries and other amenities necessary to maintain a healthy life.

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Heath and Wealth
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 One of the simplest reasons of people not being able to handle and maintain a healthy lifestyle is because of the expense in doing so. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to live a healthy lifestyle because of the cost associated with fresh groceries and health insurance and various other expenses. Anything marginally fresh and healthy comes with a pretty hefty price tag as compared to non-essential and “Unhealthy” items. It is quite common to see organic farm-fresh produce at sometimes 80% more expensive than processed or frozen items. Until the expense decreases, and the hope is that it will as more and more people become health conscious, the necessity to a healthy lifestyle will always be the wealth and money associated with it.

Wealth and Health of Countries

Financial stress can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that those who cannot afford a healthy lifestyle have eith

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