Healthy Restaurant

Use the same business you proposed to create in the week 2 project. Imagine that you must prepare a PowerPoint presentation to explain your business plan to potential investors and/or lenders.When creating your business plan presentation, include the following:Title and business name.Explain the form of business ownership of your business, including the advantages and disadvantages of establishing your business in this form.Propose the objective(s) of the business and why they are appropriate.Summarize your intended customers.Propose your marketing plan:Specifically detail your major product(s) or service(s).Explain how you intend to promote your product(s) or service(s).Justify pricing for your major products (items) or services.Explain your channels of distribution; how you intend to get the products or services to your customers.Explain the economic factors that will impact your business.Analyze your main competitors or the competition factors that may impact your business.Develop a 12-15 slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format.When making a presentation, you do not want to put so much information on the screen that you will lose the attention of your audience. Provide your information concisely on each screen taking advantage of bulleted lists. Since you do not want to crowd the screen, include explanatory information for each slide using the Notes feature in Microsoft PowerPoint. In an actual presentation, you would use these notes to practice the spoken portion of your presentation. It may be helpful to imagine that the notes section contains your “paper” and the slides contain the key points that your audience “must know.”On the final slide, provide a list of references, using APA format Include at least three scholarly resources, one of which must be your textbook, BUSN, Marcella Kelly and Chuck Williams2018Submission Details:Submit your presentation in a 12-15 slide Microsoft Power Point Slide deck.Name your document SU_BUS1101_W3_LastName_FirstInitial.ppt.

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Healthy Restaurant
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