Healthy growth.

Childhood stage is divided into early childhood and late childhood. Malnutrition in children results from unbalanced diet or lack of vital nutrients in a child’s diet (Zornado, 2001). Failure to offer enough breastfeeding primarily marks beginning of diseases due to poorly developed immune system. This stage is also considered as the period during which children learn societal values. Lack of proper instruction or education during this stage leads to poor development of an individual and this is a factor of social concern (Zornado, 2001).

Adolescence follows immediately from childhood and it lasts up to late teenage. During this stage, individuals undergo both psychological and physiological transformation that leads to maturity. Problems of societal concern associated with this stage results physiological transformations. Hormonal changes make adolescents particularly unable to control their emotions. They therefore, become vulnerable to peer pressure ending up with unwanted pregnancies and use of drugs (AMA, 2011). Most notably, behavioral problems such as aggressiveness and deviant behavior are mostly associated with adolescence. It is the most vulnerable stage where the adolescents can be swayed to any behavioral identity through social influence. Sexuality is also a major problem during adolescence. Similarly, this problem is associated with peer influence and the impacts of the media on young generation (AMA, 2011).

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Healthy growth.
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Adulthood is considered as the last stage of human development. In most societies, adulthood begins in the early twenties. Adulthood is divided into early adulthood and late adulthood and each of the development stage has its unique characteristics. Midlife crisis is one of the main obstacles to successful development during adulthood. Midlife crisis results from dissatisfaction with the present status in life either socially, emotionally, financially, or in family relationships. 

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