Healthcare System

Please send Part 1,2,3 all separately. Thank you in advance.Proposal for Improvementof a Healthcare OrganizationThe US Healthcare System encompasses many elements of care, finances, research, communitysupport, and faith commitments. In this assignment, you will identify a local communityorganization with the intent to research their program(s) as they relate to health services in thecommunity. You will interview a member of the chosen community organization in order tosuggest the development of an innovative recommendation that could either add to an existingprogram or provide insights into the development of a new program. This report will bepresented to the organization for review.Part 1 – Organization Selection1. Select a community organization in your community.2. Identify an individual within the organization to interview and begin research on themission/vision and health-related programs supported by the organization.3. Submit to the instructor the following○ choice of organization○ name of the interviewee○ the healthcare issue or topic addressed by the organization○ research of the issue or topic indicating the importance of this issue or topic withinyour communityRequirements● Minimum 250-300 words excluding resources● Minimum of 3 resourcesPart 2 – Proposal Development for Intervention1. Conduct and complete the interview of the individual you selected in part 1 and develop aproposed health intervention/program which could support/advance health programs.2. Submit a report that summarizes the interview with the organizational representative. Thereport should include specifics of the proposed program/intervention including:○ Information on the professional role of the organizational representative○ Representative’s interpretation of the organizational mission/goal and health rolein the community○ Information on the current health-related community programs○ Based on your readings and articles provided in the course, propose at least tworecommendations for possible health care intervention/program(s) fordevelopment.○ A rationale for how these recommendations could bring an improvement to theexisting organizational impact in the community.○ Analysis of how the proposed intervention/program recommendation can bealigned to a Christian Worldview perspective.Requirements● Minimum 500-750 words excluding resources● Minimum of 2 resourcesPart 3 – Individual Report1. Review the feedback given on your, Part 2 – Proposal Development for Intervention,assignment, and make any needed adjustments.2. Then summarize your report in a media presentation (Prezi, Powerpoint, web-based, etc..)for peer review and comments.3. The media report must include specifics of the proposed program/intervention including:○ Information on community needs for programs○ Summary of the interview○ One proposed recommendation/intervention for a positive change based oninterviews and research.○ Possible interactions with established community health organizations includingcost/benefit implications.○ How the recommendation integrates a Christian Worldview perspectiveRequirements● Minimum 750-1000 words excluding resources● Minimum of 5 slides● Minimum of 4 resources● Plagiarism check

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Healthcare System
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