Healthcare Commissining

NHS assures the quality of the healthcare service which would be provided to the people of the United Kingdom. Commissioning is an essential and structured way of deciding how and on whom public money should be spent (House of Commons, 2010). Healthcare commissioning tends to secure a variety of high quality ‘healthcare service’ for the public to be rendered when required. The commissioning functions like a custodian for the patients while paying the tax, which intends to ensure the best value of resource utilisation (House of Commons, 2010). Healthcare commissioning aims to provide better health conditions and thus enhance the social well-being in the community. The 2010 election in UK gave birth to a new Government, which gave liberation to the National Health Service (NHS) to provide better health care services. This health service department is established to serve the citizens of the nation with better quality healthcare facilities. NHS is one of the ‘publicly funded healthcare’ organisations in the UK. NHS currently operates all over the UK, with different names in different areas which are directly accountable to the Government of UK. Notably, if required, one can go for treatment in the NHS centres which are located in the different regions under the UK, but he or she should be sent back to their hometown once they have recovered (O’Flynn and Potter, 2011). In order to attain the objective, these organisations have been frequently making use of certain awareness posters to generate knowledge regarding healthcare. This study will include two of those posters to analyze the nature of the posters by focusing on the various commissioning scenario presented through the posters in healthcare services. The study also involves a critical appraisal and critical evaluation of those posters by analysing their strengths and weaknesses in the present situation of the healthcare commissioning. Critical Appraisal 1 Distribution The poster related to the survey on the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) cases describes the future scenario of the community which would be mostly affected by the problem. The poster describes that there is a rapid increase in the number of STI cases in the local community of England in UK. The daily newspapers of the country also state about the same scenario of the country. The healthcare department of PCT of Milton Keynes has conducted a survey on the number of the STI cases which revealed a higher number of cases than the last year. A report by an NGO has also depicted similar output revealing the fact that the number of STI incidents were clearly increasing within the socio-economic region. Structured questionnaires were surveyed by the NGO and PCT with the intention of identifying the symptoms of the STI. The result depicted that most of the people in the local community are at risk with almost 60% of the people suffering from the initial symptoms which may lead to the STI in the near future.

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 Healthcare Commissining
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