Health Threats From Environmental Pollutants.

Need help with my writing homework on Health Threats From Environmental Pollutants. Write a 2500 word paper answering; Evaporation of seawater has increased and this has resulted in droughts in some regions, and increased rains in other areas. Such unpredictable climatic changes have posed a threat to the economic well being of the developing countries. The rapid nature of these climatic changes has generally caught mankind on the wrong foot (Victor).

Food production has been adversely affected, and the sudden and unpredictable changes in the climate have increased the mortality rate amongst those who dwell in coastal areas. It is the principal objective of the Kyoto agreement to countenance these challenges. This agreement endeavors to engender better cooperation between countries, in order to reduce global warming. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the Kyoto agreement is just an initial, though significant, step in this direction and several such agreements have to be implemented (Victor).

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Health Threats From Environmental Pollutants.
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There are several factors that contribute to water pollution. There are direct and indirect contamination sources, which act as contributory causes for water contamination. For instance, the effluents from industries and factories directly contribute to water contamination. Chemical treatment plants and chemical production units are major water pollutants. These are termed as direct contamination sources. In urban areas, such direct sources contaminate drinking water. Therefore, many countries have taken stringent measures to prevent drinking water pollution. The governments of developed nations have enacted several legislations to prevent industries and factories from discharging their chemical effluents into water sources. Despite these steps, water contamination still continues in most countries (Rubin).

Water is chiefly contaminated by the activities of humans.

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