Health Management.

When the patients are not treated with the highest safety standards, they are likely to record dismal results in their performance. For instance, when the patients are not living in a highly hygienic place, they are likely to contact other diseases which will affect their health. Similarly, there is a need for health practitioners to offer services at the right time and at the right place. For instance, some patients need emergency services and should be given priority whenever they check into an institution. Such people need urgent care and services as their situation is extremely out of control (Khatri Hughes LC, Chan and Mark, 2009: 28). However, when the situation is not given priority, the person is likely to succumb to the injuries since the situation is getting worse. For instance, a person that is profusely bleeding needs urgent care. It is openly expressed that a person that is profusely bleeding needs to be given ample care and first aid. This will stop the bleeding and the person will be in a stable condition. However, when the bleeding continues for a long time, the person is not likely to survive. The body fluids will be at minimal levels, which is detrimental to a person’s health.

There are a number of incidences in the health sector that openly display the need for safety measures in the profession. In most instances, the incidences are caused by human error. The people working on the patients are erroneous and end up making a mistake. Some mistakes are controllable while others are not controllable and could affect the life of the victim. However, in bizarre cases, the consequences of the incident are adverse and this could lead to death of the victim. These calls for undivided and focused attention from the medical practitioners and the nurses in the profession to ensure the patients are given steadfast services (Hurwitz and Sheikh, 2011: 21). 

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