Hashimoto’s Disease

Instructions1. Create a final Signature Assignment Health Paper2. Include the sections from your earlier work on your Health Issue Research Paper, incorporating anyfeedback that your instructor provided, and peer evaluations in the Peer Review Discussion.- Introduction to your health topic and your thesis statement-Background of the health issue, including any cultural implications.- Current issues and/or challenges related to the health issue.- How the disease can affect the public health community.- Discuss the interventions being practiced to help people with this health issue.3. What are some spiritual/faith concepts related to the health issue?4. Discuss how the disease affects familial/personal lifestyle changes.5. Restate your thesis and summarize your paper in a conclusion.6. Your paper should be supported by research and your sources should be cited.Requirements Incorporation of instructor and peer feedback Inclusion of research to support the analysis from Parts 1–3 Inclusion of all elements of the original outlineScope Citation requirements: Minimum of 4 cited references, 2 authoritative and 2 peer-reviewed sources Word count: 1,200-1,500 words total, including what was submitted for Part 3; not includingReferences page APA formatting Plagiarism submission

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Hashimoto’s Disease
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