Hand hygiene Critiquing an article using Qualitative technique.

s a seminal moment in the nursing field has been published. Karen Lee’s article “student and infection prevention and control nurses’ hand hygiene decision making in stimulated clinical scenarios and the use of hand washing, gel and glove” is one such articles. This paper shall candidly and comprehensively critique the aforementioned article.

Firstly, research critique is an informed stepwise process of carefully and objectively gauging the weaknesses and strengths of a particular study with the particular motive of improving the research skills by effecting changes in the critiqued or apparently wrong or weak areas or sections. While there are many frameworks used in critiquing a research, this paper critiques Lee’s article using the step-by-step guide posited by Patricia Cronin, Michael Coughlan, and Frances Ryan (2007).

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Hand hygiene Critiquing an article using Qualitative technique.
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To begin with, the title of a research should be precise, 15-20 words, contain key terminologies in the pertinent field, arouse curiosity and interest while attracting the readers’ attention. While the title of Lee’s research strives to be objective, Lee ends up with an excessively long title, 27 words, that is more general and lacking details as it simply mentions controlling of infections through hand hygiene in nurses and students. Shortening the title and adding more terminologies that will ground it in the nursing field will create a more professional look and make the article quite enlightening without the need to go into finer details in the body of the research (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2006).

The author’s professional and academic qualification significantly determines their ability to deliver in a given field. Polit and Berk (2009) assert that the author’s attained domain, integrity and professional be reflected in a research article. Lee meets this threshold as he has an apposite academic, and proficient qualification in the nursing field having taught in a medicine school for 30 years

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