Hacking the Accounting Information System.

One of the companies which got hacked in recent times is Microsoft .inc. According to ( Smith,2012)“In simple terms computer hacking and cracking reflects, the intentional, unauthorized access to an organization’s computer system”. So the companies need to be alert and take considerable responsibility to secure its Accounting Information System (Thesis).Accounting Information System is a process which needs high security as many crucial and essential data are handled in it. Any business concern needs to take the responsibility to secure the confidential data so as to protect the company from hackers and unidentified encroachment. The business organisations have the responsibility to invent and install upgraded security system to ensure confidentiality and risk free environment for the company and its customers. Microsoft being the most prominent company in the world had been hacked few times .Thus the accounting information system along with the management

has undergone many challenges and losses. The company was hacked in 2012 by a group of Chinese hackers and in 2013 a java script was injected in the business system of the company. The Microsoft security response centre states the Microsoft Active Protection was a program that provide security for program that gives anti –hacking tool facility. However, the Microsoft did deny that hacking was not done by Chinese group but it was a “rookie mistake”. They said it was due to dodgy email attachment. So here we can see that hacking can be done even if the e- mails which are socially engineered to disrupt the business system.

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Hacking the Accounting Information System.
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As per (Peter,2013 ) “As reported by Face book and Apple, Microsoft can confirm that we also recently experienced a similar security intrusion,” wrote Matt Thomlinson, General Manager of Microsofts Trustworthy Computing Security. 

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