Habeas Corpus in English Traditions.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Habeas Corpus in English Traditions. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The effect of Habeas Corpus was first felt when the law of Anglo-Saxon was in existence. In 1215, Habeas Corpus followed the Magna Carta before it was experienced and used by the king and the court that was under him. During the era of King Edward, Habeas Corpus was published in the form of Blackstone by a judge in England. It fought against the imprisonment of people or anyone being sent to exile without the law being followed. At the time, Magna Carta was a law that was very common in England. This condition played a vital part in the making of Habeas Carter a law in the English constitution.

It is not long ago since Habeas Corpus was incorporated into the system of the United States of America. This was in the year 1801 when the then president of the United States mentioned it in his speech. The president said that the people of the United States of America would be protected by Habeas Corpus so that they could continue enjoying their freedom. It was then put in the constitution of the country where it is still being used in the present day in the United States of America. Habeas Corpus has adopted the same tradition as that of England whereby it ensures that people are imprisoned legally and for a legal reason (Gregory, 2013).

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Habeas Corpus in English Traditions.
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The first time it was suspended in the United States of America was by the then-president Abraham Lincoln. The president did this after he heard that the officials of Maryland who dealt with anti-war issues were planning to destroy the railway that was connecting the United States of America to Annapolis and Philadelphia. This rail was very important in supplying the needs to the soldiers who were getting ready to attack and fight the south (Gregory, 2013)

Lincoln only suspended it in Maryland route and was mainly influenced by the requests that the generals of the army proposed. The generals wanted military courts to be set up so that he could reign over his opponents politically. Abraham Lincoln allowed for the imprisonment of military people, prisoners captured during the war and those that were suspected to be spies.

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