Group Dynamics and Diversity reflection paper.

Group Dynamics and Diversity reflection paper.

This paper focuses on the power that various groups hold in influencing individual decisions. It is common for most people to act out of pressure from groupings in which they are part, for example, there are many cases of people committing mass killings not because these people posses cannibalistic traits, but because they have been trained to believe that other people who don’t belong to their group are sub-human and don’t deserve to live.

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Group Dynamics and Diversity reflection paper.
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Primary groups of people include family and friends who are intimate, share face-to-face interaction and are involved in high interaction and interdependence levels. This category is where attitudes, principles, and orientations are created and sustained (Phillips, 2008).

Emergent groups are groups formed spontaneously without initial planning. People progressively know each other through interactions. Here people find themselves in a particular place or situation and automatically get to get close through their interaction.

The basic feature of groups is that, group members’ outcomes usually depend on their own actions and also on the actions of the other individuals in the group. One member’s feelings, experiments, and actions can be influenced completely or in part by others.

Given that psychology involves the study of mind processes and conduct in general, the attention of psychologist s often devotes to problematic issues and behavioral patterns at an individual’s level or at the societal level: discrimination, intergroup violence and conflict…moreover, there are various psychological theories that explain why one person commits atrocities against others.

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