Great Lakes: Great Decisions.

Finally, it gives the Great Lakes most impending, immediate and invisible competitors and an outline of its main capabilities.

The social/ demographic analysis of Great Lakes involves a study of the populations that use the leaded additives that are produced by the corporation. It will consider the societal values and cultures that are based on the ethnic mix, age structure, population size, geographic and income distribution. Most of Great Lakes’ leaded gasoline was used in developing countries such as China, the Middle East and many African countries. This was due to the fact that many cars in the developing countries used gasoline and lack of proper government regulations. Its use was banned in the developed world particularly the United States by the end of the 20th century and many Central and South American countries had taken various precautions to eliminate the use of leaded gasoline. This shows that the society in the United States is more conscious on the health of individuals as compared to the developing countries. In the year 1996, leaded gasoline experienced the large sales in developing countries which comprised of 93% of gasoline in Africa, 94% in the Middle East, 30%in Asia and 35% in Latin America. (Seyferth, 2003)

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Great Lakes: Great Decisions.
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Socially, Great Lakes has an adverse effect on the various people that use their product as it does not consider their safety or health. Great Lakes was only concerned with the sales of its leaded gasoline was having in these developing countries and did not put into consideration the harmful effects that these lead additive was having on the health of the individuals. Some of the adverse effects of leaded gasoline in adults will be on the kidney, neurological system, cardiovascular system, hypertension and high blood pressure. In children between the ages of one to two years, there will be absorption of over 40 % to 50 % of ingested lead which will cause brain damage (Ferder, 1995).

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