Graphical Perspective (Healthcare Data Management and Governance)

NOTE: THIS IS A HIMA460 (Healthcare Data Management and Governance)ASSIMGMENTAs a data manager you are often tasked with developing graphs for various projects, committees, and focus groups. The Revenue Taskforce would like you to develop a set of graphs to analyze the number of patient visits, length of stay, and payment methods. You will compile a presentation of findings for the next meeting. Using the sample patient file create at least three graphs.Create a 6-8 slide PowerPoint presentation to include: 1.Title slide2.Introduction3.Copy of your graphs (at least three)4.Explanation of why each graph was the most effective method for the data set – using graphical perspective and data visualization as a foundation to the explanation5.A brief analysis of each graph – identify trends or summarize results6.Reference Slide Resources & TipsGo to YouTube and search MS Excel Graph Tutorial, to learn more about how to create graphs.1.Data Visualization – What it is and why it 2. 2.Matters:

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Graphical Perspective (Healthcare Data Management and Governance)
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