Graduate Book Review

The cover of the work documents the content of the book and what the author aims at portraying to the readers. With a boldly written title and clear subtitles on the themes inside, the reader can easily search for the information required.

The main thesis of the work involves the defining what is required by an individual in terms of business innovation, identifying the problem that may hamper innovation, and then defining a solution. The work also indicates that new ideas can be created from existing ones. Creativity is, therefore, key as far as business innovation is concerned. In the first chapter, for example, Murray explains that the first step of business innovation must involve identifying the existing problem or an issue that is to be solved (31-60). It is in the course of business innovation that Murray indicates that there is need to get similar ideas from similar problems that have been existent before (61-62). This means that the business innovator must collect facts from what has been existent before, and then come up with a solution. The next step in business innovation involves connecting all the borrowed ideas and combining them to make a workable idea. In the next step, Murray explains that there is need for patience so that the collected ideas can be given time to come up with solutions (101-139). Patience is, therefore, a requirement in business innovation. The fourth step as Murray recommends is the incubation process that allows for the decisions made to come up with a solution (141-176). Next is coming up with an approach that will evaluate the pluses and the weaknesses of the solutions incubated so as to assess if the decisions made were fruitful or not (178-210). Lastly, enhancing is a major step in the course of business innovation (211-255). This step allows for strengthening the strong points of the business idea and eliminating the weak points.

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Graduate Book Review
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