Globalization of the clothing industry.

Moreover, movement of goods, services and capital has been made easy through globalization, and it has hugely influenced different sectors including the clothing industry. Globalization in the clothing industry is defined as the movement of textile products from one part of the world or location to the other through fashion, exhibition, apparel, showcasing or designing (Timmerman 3). It does not necessarily mean physical actions, but sharing of ideas or clothing from different parts of the world.

There are numerous debates among scholars, countries, and investors on the beneficiaries and impacts of globalization in the clothing industry. Today, different fashions are available at the consumers doorstep due to globalization. Clothes produced by American firms are available in China, African and every corner of the world. In turn, it has negative and positive impacts on consumers, and domestic clothing industries. This paper will outline effects of globalization of the clothing industry on factories and employees in the United States, as well as on the consumers.

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Globalization of the clothing industry.
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Globalization of the clothing industry has provided opportunities for factories in the United States to outsource for cheaper labor from developing or emerging economies and countries. Many US clothing industries are outsourcing their marketing, manufacturing, and other duties to less developed nations, where the currency differences favor them (Timmerman 40). US companies find cheap labor because of outsourced services, and this makes them complete manufacturing at half the home or domestic price. Therefore, most US clothing companies have established manufacturing units in less developed nations such as China, Bangladesh, and India in order to produce goods at low prices. Many US factories have gained from globalization of the clothing industry, because they benefit from outsourcing thus gaining enormous profits.

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