Globalization in Human Resources.

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Globalization in Human Resources. For this paper, I chose to observe the impact that globalization has on the day to day human resource management at the multinational Intercontinental Hotel. I visited the London Intercontinental Hotel for a week to make my observations. The Intercontinental Hotel is one of the major international Hotels that have operations in London. It is part of the Intercontinental group of hotels and is situated at the Hyde Park Corner on 1 Hamilton Place. I took notes and got different people’s perspectives on the issue of globalization and employee management at the hotel. I was able to learn that the hotel group has a standardized form of management for all its branches in the country. This is to say that the management practices and rules in the London branch are applicable to all the other branches in the UK.

From my observations of the day to day activities in the hotel, it was clear that the management and workforce there are very committed to the company’s well being. Being an international company, the Hotel’s operations reflect the management criteria followed across the world in all the other Intercontinental hotels. Human resource management, in particular, is similar to HR management in other hotels, local and international. For instance, the management has adopted a multicultural form of management for the workforce. Many of the employees at the hotel are from a wide variety of cultures, mostly European cultures. By adopting a multicultural perspective of management, the London Intercontinental has been able to carry out its operations without having human resource problems that it cannot deal with.

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From what I observed at the London Intercontinental, the manager’s role is critical as it determined how the guests/ customers would be made to feel welcome. His role included making sure that things ran smoothly.

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