Globalisation and mental disorders

The results of the study shall be indicative of the current situation and are valuable in the improvement of treatment provision for a population that is increasingly becoming culturally diverse due to the large influx of people from other cultural backgrounds. With this knowledge, the society shall then be able to identify and take the appropriate steps to improve the way depressed people are being treated. Funding in the amount of £2,800 is requested for expenses incurred during research the bulk of which shall be used for access to publications whose material is available only for a certain fee.

To what extent has the relationship of depression, culture and treatment explored and how is the knowledge gained from this exploration being applied in the formulation of treatment for depressed patients? The researcher hypothesizes that there is little substantial research in this field and that results are limited due to the complexity of dealing with the subject of culture and associating it with another complex subject called depression. Hence, a lack of understanding of depression, within various cultures and communities exists, including the comprehension of the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. There is a desperate requirement for general medicine and public health services to understand the cultural needs of individuals when generating a diagnosis or treatment regime.

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Globalisation and mental disorders
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Depression can have debilitating effects on the individual as it can lead to self-inflicted injuries and other destructive behavior. If left unchecked, it could also have severe consequences to society as evidenced in the school shootings and stabbings by clinically depressed individuals. However, in the field of depression treatment, there is the general tendency to adopt standards and procedures which has been developed in the past with one cultural group in mind.&nbsp.

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