Global Warming/Climate Change.

 Scientists pointed that its temperatures is 5800 K in the surface and 15,600,000 K in the core (, 2012). It’s substantially composed of 70% hydrogen and 28% helium and it rotates on its axis in 24.5 days (, 2012). Its also described with a power estimated at 386 billion billion megawatts and is produced by nuclear fusion reactions (, 2012, p. 1). Nineplanets (2012) featured that the sun has an estimate of 700,000,000 tons of hydrogen which could be converted to 695,000,000 tons of helium and 5,000,000 tons (=3.86e33 ergs) of energy in the form of gamma rays (p. 1). As its heat is emitted toward the earth, the energy is absorbed and re-emitted at lower temperatures, hence when it reached the surface, it is considered as primarily visible light (p.1). The sun is also instrumental in the development of photosynthesis of plants and therefore helpful for agriculture—the source of food and oxygen to breathe. But while it has its positive contribution, it has also negative impacts that are evidently and widely discussed among ecologist and scientists these days. For those who used to enjoy sun tanning, experts argued that over sun exposure can cause skin cancer and hastening of aging or wrinkling in the skin (Stephen & Clarke, 1995). But these are minimal impact. The largest solar impact is the devastation it can contribute to climate changes. Darkstrong (2012) made an independent assessment of the sun in 2011 which showed that the sun last year made an estimated 1,300 coronal mass ejection, a double of the figure of CME in the previous years. Darkstrong (2012) accounted about 1,187 C-flares, 108 M-flares and 8 X-flares of which about 4 of these are brightest. There was an average of 3.6 flares each day (Darkstrong, 2012). With these facts, the solar activity increased and there were only two spotless sun in 2011 and the sunspots evolutions were unceasing and with fluctuating levels. Last year, aside from the controversial passage of Elinin comet around the sun, there were also three other comets which collided to the sun and melted with it (Darkstong, 2012). The spectacular coronal mass ejections challenged some major grids of electric industry since it goes with some magnetic impacts. Experts likewise argued that CMEs can erode the lunar surface and could be the major cause of atmospheric loss for unprotected planets against global magnetic fields (NLSI, 2011). Scientists defined CMEs as powerful explosion of solar wind or a widely disperse stream of electrically-charged plasma from the Sun to space (NLSI, 2011). Authorities described a major CME containing billions of plasma with a movement of a million miles per hour with a size wider than the size of the globe (NLSI, 2011). Such meant an intense heat or radiation out of sputtering. Global Warming Aside from the excessive emission of heat from the sun, scientists posit that global warming is also caused by excessive emission of pollutants to environment which destroyed the natural protective wall which was supposed to shield the earth and all living organisms from ultraviolet rays of the sun (Khanna & Aneja, 2011). Ecologists posit that the unstopped logging of tress and continuing operation of extractive industries contributed to the increasing level of carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as other greenhouse gases with the subsequent depletion of oxygen.

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