Global tourism industry. 

tourism operations developed as tour operators became a significant part of the travel and tourism industry. There are certain factors that contributed to the growth of tourism operations, for example, advancements in air travel made it easier for a large number of people to travel across countries and cities in a very short period of time. Moderate prices, an increase in disposable income, and leisure time gave rise to tourism trends. Media has also played an important role in the growth of tour operations. Media has provided awareness to people regarding tourism and has developed interest among them for traveling. An example can be found in how media coverage promoted Egyptian tourism. Media coverage of events and activities in Egypt has developed an interest in western people to visit the country. Media services have performed constructive functions for the tourism industry by exposing unique characteristics of Egypt (Hotel Mule 2010).

1) In Italy mostly tour operators prefer to specialize in specific tourist market areas in order to avoid fierce competition. They chose it because they do not have the stability to fight against big powers. They collect extensive information about the local area that they study and try to offer something different from the bigger tourism groups. An example of this is the Intras agency. This agency has 25 years’ experience and it offers different package holidays with special packages during the rainy season (Article Alley 2008).

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Global tourism industry. 
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2) Some tour operators chose to specialize in bicycle tour operations. These tour operators generally work on an individual level and plan or organize tours that are based on area. A bicycle tour operator should have excellent communication and organizational skills. He or she must be physically active and should have the ability to resolve conflicts quickly before and after the tour. Being a bicycle tour operator it is essential for him to enjoy outdoor physical activities (Job Profile 2003).

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