Global or Cosmopolitan?

Global or Cosmopolitan?


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Global or Cosmopolitan?
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Go to the fact sheet posted at review recent data about migrant workers in the US. Discuss your impressions of migrants and how well these represent the facts. Where in your community do you see migrants? Why in those places/spaces?

Once you have discussed the community level, go to the Global Migration: at the weblinkof the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs facts and figures are posted for the phenomenon of world migration. Compare this sheet with what you have learned about migrant workers in the US. How is our country representative and unique as a country of arrival for migrant workers?

Choose one of the options below for this week’s assignment:

Option A – Global Corporations:

Pull up websites of well-known global corporations, such as Toyota at (or you may select other corporations to study). How would you characterize the global aspects of your chosen corporation? Consider how media, workers, consumers, and managers all intersect in a globalized way.

Your paper should be 650 words and contain citations and references for at least three sources.

Option B – Cosmopolitanism:

In 2016, there were two opinion pieces published regarding “cosmopolitanism” (one was from the New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, and the other is from Washington Post columnist Daniel Dezner).  Here are the links to those articles:

Compare and contrast the points these authors make.  Then turn your attention to the people within your own sphere of influence.  How many people that you know believe that they are “cosmopolitan”? What does this really mean? 

Your paper should be 650 words and contain citations and references for at least three sources.

View your assignment rubric. 

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