Global Feminism. 

Over the years, the feminist movement has morphed into the global feminist movement, which champions for the rights of women from different socio-cultural contexts. The new movement is sensitive to cultural issues that continue to infringe upon women’s rights and undermine the quality of their lives. Explored below is a brief overview of the global feminist movement and major issues that affect women within specific socio-cultural contexts such as violence, poverty, suppression of sexuality, and infringement of the right to vote, access to education and employment opportunities.

Global feminism, a derivative of postcolonial feminism, black feminism and post-culturalist and postmodern schools of thought represents the application of feminist thought on a global scale in its display of unique overlapping characteristics as it focuses on advocating for a culturally relevant and positive change in women’s outcomes (Singh 628). Scholars theorize that it is an integral part of feminism’s third wave as it mirrors the latter’s three major characteristics, which include the acceptance of the existence of multiple narratives in diverse cultural contexts, acceptance of social activism, and the preoccupation with creating coalitions to tackle gender concerns instead of relying on a single organization to do so.

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Global Feminism. 
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The fundamental goal of the movement is responding to women’s local-level concerns while simultaneously incorporating the goals and philosophies of the earlier feminist movements. It continues to unite cultures with the sole intention of addressing women’s concerns that are emergent in countries external to the Western hemisphere. The global feminist movement exerts its mandate through the dismantling global patriarchal structures, which predispose chauvinistic attitudes that likely to contribute to the infringement of women’s rights. hence, their oppression. However, it is important to note that women are a major hindrance to the global feminist movement.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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