Glass cockpit technology

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses glass cockpit technology. cial issue that guarantees the safety of a flight and aviation technology and that is the interface between the pilot of a modern aircraft and the glass cockpit display. The safety of every flight will depend on one hand from technological standpoint and on the other hand from the capability, awareness, knowledge and experience of the pilot. (Schmelzer, n.d). Pilots do study in order to learn the systems of an airplane. In every situation, pilots should always have to be alert of the situation, panels and displays, and the controls.

The main issue that must be monitored to maintain safety and create awareness is the human-machine interaction. The combination of human cognitive capabilities and the machine is a great help to confront existing problems (Schmelzer, n.d). According to a series of studies on automation in glass cockpit, the lack of pilot “Situational Awareness” is a concern for those who work in the flight deck safety area. This occurrence has proven to have potential cause, from surprise action of the increasing autonomous automation, to confusion over the state of the automation (Schmelzer, n.d).

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Glass cockpit technology
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According to the previous studies, lack of related information and misunderstanding of available data can lead to unwanted decisions and actions on the part of the pilot. Little information of environmental data and automation activity has been considered as factors of the major aviation incidents (ACRC 1996, BEA 1992). There are three steps an achieving situational awareness that Endsley suggest: (1) the way the automation state is assessed. (2) comprehension of the situation. (3) projecting the future condition of the system. They use these steps as their working model in order to identify different problems (Schmelzer, n.d).

This paper tackles a new technology known as the glass cockpit and explains the human factors that influence its implementation.

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