Germany and Germans.

A major contributing factor to his rise was the use of printing press which was introduced in this time period. He published pamphlets like Christian Liberty, On the Freedom of a Christian Man and the Babylonian Captivity of the Church. However, his most famous publication was the “95 Theses”, published in 1517. The publication was against the abuse of papal authorities and use of indulgences to bail out of jail free. His publications spread quickly through Europe and in 1521 he was summoned to appear in front of an assembly of Holy Roman Empire known as “Diet of Worms”. He was declared an outlaw and hid till 1522. He continued his teachings and two year long Peasant War was based on his ideas and theories about the Catholic system. It was the first of the revolt that lead to the revolution in Christianity and the rise of Protestantism. Luther continued teaching and served as Dean in the University of Wittenberg till his death in 1546.

David Cole interviewed Dr. Franciszek Piper in 1992 to raise questions about the Holocaust story which is the death of Jews by Adolf Hitler during his period as Chancellor of Germany till 1945. David Cole visited one of the biggest camps of the World War II at Auschwitz to find evidence of the gas chambers and alleged homicidal gassings. He filmed his visit of the camp in an hour long video and interviewed tour guides, supervisor and Dr. Franciszek who was the senior curator to confirm his findings that point towards the idea that the Holocaust was a made up story. David Cole presented evidence and logic that conveys the message that the Gas Chambers at Auschwitz were constructed after the war. The main chamber was examined and signs of structural changes were shown along with the tour guide and supervisor presenting different views as to the presence of “Holes” in the chamber.

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